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It supports a multi-technology and multi-supplier environment, and can be adopted by mobile, fixed and converged business operators. Manages all layers, including resources, network, services and customer, from an operational perspective. Enables enterprise process automation, reducing costs and increasing agility, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and churn reduction.

  • Complete OSS coverage with a TMForum Frameworx certified suite.
  • Full mediation layer, abstrating OSSs from network resources enabling multi-provider rapid integration.
  • Innovative Inventory covering Outside Plant, physical and logical layers, in a converged business.
  • E2E Network and Services management with advanced real-time SLA violation detection in a multi-technology environment.
  • Customer focus on efficient problem diagnosis and resolution, guaranteeing quality of experience.

Execution and control of network design and implementation, managing in an integrated view the complete resource, network and service inventory for CSPs.

Main Features:

Network project and construction workflows.

Physical resource inventory (Outside & Inside Plant).

Network and services logical inventory.

Complete reports of inventory assets.

Resource assignment for service provisioning.

Capacity management.

Network discovery and reconciliation.

Business Benefits:

Enables well planned design and implementation process.

Supports evolution of technologies, minimizing upgrade investments.

Accurate resource awareness, reducing field errors and increase efficiency of on-site interventions.

Reliable network inventory information, being constantly synchronized with the network.

Master data for fulfillment and assurance processes, contributing to operational success.


Multi-service and multi-technology Inventory Management System, targeted for converged CSPs, integrating with operational processes for fulfillment and assurance. Master catalog information for resources and services with easy evolution for the inclusion of new models and suppliers. E2E view of services and networks, providing up-to-date reports and network topology printouts, targeted for planning, engineering and operational teams. Modular architecture, using additional technology packs, covering both logical and physical data for fixed, mobile and convergent operators. Uses the mediation layer to synchronize information from the network in order to have accurate inventory information.


Implements service fulfillment orchestration with a network abstraction layer, hiding network complexity towards OSS and simplifying process automation.

Main Features:

Provision process definition with graphical display of process development.

Mapping commercial to technical catalogs.

Service automatic activation.

Centralized order execution flow control with breakdown of requests into elementary activities.

Multi-service support (IPTV, HSI, VoIP, VPN, …)

SDN/NFV integrated support.

Business Benefits:

Automation of service provision processes and service activation, reducing human intervention.

Fast introduction of new services using flexible configuration tools.

Reduced service and resource allocation errors.

Rapid integration of new technologies and new network elements.

Network Activator

Complete mediation layer that supports OSS abstraction layer for network resources, with multi-service support (IPTV, VPN, VoIP, …). For fulfillment purposes it enables multi-service automatic activation. Additionally Network Activator, as a mediation layer, provides functions for other areas, namely: network discovery and reconciliation for inventory information; QoS data collection for assurance; auto-correction scenarios; device management.


Complete Service Assurance Solution with E2E out-of-the box support for Mobile, Fixed and IP networks, covering fault, problem and performance management, including QoS probing functionalities.

Main Features:

QoS Data collection and KPI/KQI management with near-real time threshold detection violation.

SLA management and TTK life cycle control.

Intrusive and non-intrusive probing.

Proactive fault management and root cause analysis.

Multi-technology and multi-vendor E2E QoS management.

Advanced network auto-correction capabilities.

Business Benefits:

QoS/SLA guaranty, improving overall operator QoE.

Real-time problem detection and correction, anticipating clients detection, contributing to enhance customer experience.

Impact prediction analysis and seasonality detection, enabling efficient planning investments.

Business and network integrated performance management, with a single interface, reducing operational costs.


Unified performance management system, enabling:

  • Insightful analysis of network, services and customer performance data.
  • Real time network and service degradation detection.
  • Analytical forecasting capabilities to support engineering and planning teams.
  • Integration with major network and equipment vendors.
  • Service monitoring, QoE evaluation and benchmarking with ArQoS probes.

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Probing system, providing intrusive and non-intrusive probes:

  • Evaluates customer perceived quality in service usage (Voice, IPTV, SMS, MMS, email, Internet, …) with intrusive probes.
  • Service monitoring and troubleshooting based on non-intrusive probes.
  • Optical fiber monitoring for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint scenarios with precise degradation and cut detection.
  • Mobile network and service quality monitoring.
  • Network QoS signature.

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Alarm Manager

Centralized fault management system providing:

  • Centralized and complete Fault Management lifecycle.
  • Alarm state processing and alarm enrichment.
  • Root cause analysis based on alarm correlation.
  • Enhanced alarm correlation with additional test information.
  • Manual or automatic TTK creation directly on external trouble ticketing system.
  • Alarm history and reporting statistics



Completes problem management lifecycle with:

  • TTKs centralized management – register and control ativity execution associated with TTK.
  • Problem impact analysis (network total cut, affected clients) with front office notification.
  • Unavailability management based on problem repair time.
  • Back office and field force team support.
  • Supplier/partner relation management.

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With the customer in the center of the operations, focus on the activities of Customer Problem Management, Customer Quality Management and Customer Device Management, contributing to the global Customer Experience improvement.

Main Features:

Customer problem management, with easy to use interface for front-office, back-office and field-force teams, for testing, diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Customer premises equipment auto-reconfiguration.

Customer, service and device quality management.

Business Benefits:

Increase service problem resolution in the front office.

Decrease mean time to repair (MTTR).

Enables customer experience improvement.

Minimize field force interventions and truck rolls.

Increase first time resolution.

Customer premises equipments maintenance, guaranteeing the service and minimizing complaints.


Unified customer problem management system to easily diagnose and troubleshoot any service issue, both at front office and back office, with the following focus:

  • Support problem diagnosis and test in front office (NetQ Care),back office(NetQ Expert) and field force.
  • Flexible and configurable algorithms for E2E diagnosis for service and technical feasibility.
  • Remote system access (mobile phones/PDAs).
  • Problem-solving guided workflows.
  • Test scheduling facility for preventive maintenance.

Other product modules also contribute to this area, namely:

  • Altaia Customer Quality Management, monitoring and providing QoE indicators for the monitored Customers.
  • ArQoS intrusive probing, simulating the usage of the services, and having an independent and reliable mean to check or even anticipate real customer experience issues.
  • Network Activator with Device Management and CPE auto-correction features, contributing to decrease service outage.

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